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Fats vs Oils

Are we talking about the same thing when we talk fats and oils? Not in my opinion! So how do we cook without oil...? Read more

Are there vegan grocery stores?

Did you know that you have a vegan supermarket nearby? Read more

Cutting Health Care Costs

Why do we not see more of a push by leaders in our countries to prevent dis-ease instead of trying to figure out how to afford more and more drugs and surgeries. Is there a magic pill...? Read more

Are Vegan Children Unhealthy?

There has been some recent articles that would like to try to make you think so... Read more

Plant-Based Alternatives to Meat, Chicken, Fish and Eggs

You are going to laugh when you see some of the ideas and yet, they are all tasty and worth trying... Read more

Parchment Paper - Silicon Baking Mat - Cooking with Glass

Which of the 3 options is best for you and your aim to use less or no added oils when cooking or baking or even when reheating. I am very grateful for all of these options as it makes life so much easier... Read more

Which rice is better for you? the rice you'll eat!

Rice is available in many different colours and from many different countries. This might be the one food, where if you live in the USA, that you may not wish to adhere to the saying "buy local"... Read more

Which pasta is better? the pasta you'll eat!

When I was younger I was sure I was adopted as Italian food, specifically pasta (or as I called it "pasghetti") was definitely my all time favourite. Who wouldn't like an eating style that includes pasta?... Read more

Which potatoes are better? the potatoes you'll eat!

Mmmmm potatoes. All the potatoes you can eat... when has anyone told you that before? They are not the enemy, carbs are not the enemy - the butter and gravy you put on the potatoes should be eliminated just not the potatoes themselves. You can make your own oven baked fries with no need for oils... Read more

Which beans are better? the beans you'll eat!

Eating more beans has probably been one of the tastiest benefits of our new lifestyle. I actually find myself craving beans for a meal and my "elimination system" loves when I eat beans often. Some recommendations are... Read more

Why Starchivore? Why Now?

Now is always the time to add healthier habits to ones life and we tried to go totally plant-based a few years ago and lasted for about 2 months... the why "only two months" isn't as important as the fact that we tried. One of our favourite radio programs is Coast to Coast AM and, in early October, Connie Willis hosted Dr John McDougall for the first two hours. The message presented by Dr McDougall was not new to us, it was presented in a new way... Read more

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Starchivore Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle


  • a plant-based diet that reduces or eliminates all animal foods like meat, dairy, and eggs PLUS has the addition of starch, so that you feel full and satisfied
  • include grains like rye, wheat, barley, oats and corn; starchy vegetables like squash, potatoes, and sweet potatoes and legumes like red and brown lentils, chick peas, green peas, and lotsa beans like pinto, kidney AND lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • reduces or eliminates added oils, including coconut, olive and peanut and reduces added sugars and salts
  • it is believed Dr T Colin Campbell coined the term "whole food, plant-based" and Dr John McDougall the term "starchivore"

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