Why Starchivore? Why Now?

Now is always the time to add healthier habits to ones life and we tried to go totally plant-based a few years ago and lasted for about 2 months... the why "only two months" isn't as important as the fact that we tried. The biggest benefit of trying and not succeeding is that you often pick up great habits from that "try" and so it makes it a lot easier the next go round.

One of our favourite radio programs is Coast to Coast AM and, in early October, Connie Willis hosted Dr John McDougall for the first two hours. The message presented by Dr McDougall was not new to us, it was presented in a new way and one that immediately rang loud and true. The option to eat lots of our favourite foods.... potatoes, whole wheat breads and pastas, beans, lentils, corn, fruits and vegetables and not have to worry about portion sizes or calories? a dream come true.

Dr McDougall is not one to talk about veganism, he calls himself a Starchivore and so that is why we do also. You can see the definition of Starchivore near the bottom of this page. It didn't take long to clean out the cupboards and the fridge and the freezer of the foods we would no longer be consuming as we had switched to non-dairy milk years before, we had regularly limited our consumption of meats, fish and poultry and we already loved beans in chili, refried and for breakfast.

Self Care is main reason we changed our lifestyle, now that we are over 55 it is time to start to live healthier and healthier. Visiting a doctor's office is not a way we like to spend our time and so Self Care is really preventative medicine and food is the first line of defence or maybe even offence!

It now the time for you also? Maybe starting gradually is an option you prefer. Everyone has an opinion and it comes down to what works for you. Start taking back control of your health a meal at a time, a day at time, a week at a time and be grateful when you can say a year at a time.

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Starchivore Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle


  • a plant-based diet that reduces or eliminates all animal foods like meat, dairy, and eggs PLUS has the addition of starch, so that you feel full and satisfied
  • include grains like rye, wheat, barley, oats and corn; starchy vegetables like squash, potatoes, and sweet potatoes and legumes like red and brown lentils, chick peas, green peas, and lotsa beans like pinto, kidney AND lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • reduces or eliminates added oils, including coconut, olive and peanut and reduces added sugars and salts
  • it is believed Dr T Colin Campbell coined the term "whole food, plant-based" and Dr John McDougall the term "starchivore"

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