Daily Simple Meal Suggestions


  • homemade soups with pita bread
  • breakfast beans on toast
  • sweet potatoes with salsa or antipasto or beans
  • leftover rice with beans or lentils
  • toast with avocado
  • beans with noodles
  • all leftovers

Making soup never was part of my thought processes as, when I was growing up in the 60's, our soups came in a can and tomato and chicken noodle were my favourites. Now I actually crave them and enjoy making them and hope to eventually expand the type and number of them. Pea soup is my honey's favourite and he will often make up a huge pot on a weekend, which we enjoy for a couple of meals and then rest is frozen for future lunches. So so simple and we usually use the split yellow or split green peas and throw in onions and garlic and carrots and, now, even potatoes. Bean soup is my fav so I deliberately add too much water to the beans, when cooking in the slow cooker, so as to have a bean juice base and then it is a matter of simply adding 6 cups of low sodium veggie stock, tons of favourite vegetables and flavours. Carrots, celery, maybe some more onions and garlic, any root vegetables from the fridge like turnip, parsnips, winter squash... the flavourings make it awesome, grate some ginger, include some garlic and onion powders, a can of tomatoes if you wish, a tablespoon of miso, basically all the flavours that make you go YUM, could be added. One of the very first soups that I made came from a Detox Recipe book that I have had for years and when you think of comfort food, this is it. It is a North African Spice soup and here is a link to the recipe. Basically a ginger, garlic, tomato base with chick peas and veggies and topped up with kale or spinach, it is amazing!! Oh, no, I almost forgot, Miso Soup - this is one that I made recently and it was delicious, more on that later.

Toast is easy as there are many sprouted healthy breads available in the freezer section of most larger supermarkets. Breakfast beans are usually for just that, breakfast, however they also work very well for a quick lunch and they are tasty and full of energy. Sprinkle on some turmeric, pepper, hot sauce or maybe even a drizzle of tahini.

Sweet potatoes are an item that I have started to keep extra of in the pantry as I love to make them quickly for lunches. I have been "anti-microwave" for a number of years and other than to reheat my coffee have stayed away from using it. After watching a few commentaries by a number of respected health professionals I have started to use it, on occasion, I just 'stand back' while it is on. Sweet potatoes are one of those exceptions, at lunch time only. Working from home means more flexibility however it is not interesting to spend a lot of time making lunch. I cut the sweet potato into smaller pieces and put them in a microwave safe (not plastic) dish, put a bit of water in the bottom and a moist paper towel over the top and cook them on high for 5 minutes. They come out done perfectly and then I put some antipasto, salsa and/or soy sauce and tahini and sprinkle them with nutritional yeast and then enjoy. Beans are also a perfect compliment on top. Lots of nutrients, filling and tasty.

Beans on leftover rice and then, again, add all flavours that you like. This is definitely my favourite of lunches and I do keep it simple by reheating the rice in a non-stick pan and putting all my toppings right in the same pan. Beans, some tomatoes or salsa or antipasto and it heats up quickly. Then into my bowl and a bit of soy sauce and tahini and sesame seeds tops it off.

Avocado is one of our primary sources of fat and even that I try to limit to once or twice a week and normally for our dinnertime meal. Occasionally, it will be a lunch instead as it is quick and easy and tasty. Make a couple of pieces of toast and then spread some avocado (often mixed with either just lemon or a bit of salsa) on top and if you can cucumber then a few thin slices on top with some seasonings, makes for a lovely quick lunch.

This one might make you laugh, Udon noodles with beans. Did I mention we love beans? This is a meal only served to myself as himself does not like Udon noodles. I do. So simple, heat up some of your yummy homemade beans (or any other kind you have available), cook the noodles and then join them together in holy gastronomy. LOL Some pepper, and then some tahini drizzled over.... I am drooling again.

Speaking of leftovers.... the importance of making a bit extra for dinner, the night before, and enjoying it again the next day, cannot be over emphasized. You get the joy of a quick lunch, along with the repeated joy of the meal you already enjoyed once. Cool Joy! indeed.

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Starchivore Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle


  • a plant-based diet that reduces or eliminates all animal foods like meat, dairy, and eggs PLUS has the addition of starch, so that you feel full and satisfied
  • include grains like rye, wheat, barley, oats and corn; starchy vegetables like squash, potatoes, and sweet potatoes and legumes like red and brown lentils, chick peas, green peas, and lotsa beans like pinto, kidney AND lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • reduces or eliminates added oils, including coconut, olive and peanut and reduces added sugars and salts
  • it is believed Dr T Colin Campbell coined the term "whole food, plant-based" and Dr John McDougall the term "starchivore"

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